Yesterday was a Bank Holiday so Malcolm went to Lowestoft. He caught an early train and arrived in Lowestoft at about half past nine in the morning. While he was waiting for the train he saw a poster on the wall of the station. It said 'Watch out. There's a thief about!'. In the picture there was a hand taking a wallet out of somebody's pocket in a changing room. Malcolm thought it was a good picture and, as a reflex, checked to see that his wallet was in his pocket. It was.

When he got to the beach a lot of people were already sunbathing, swimming and making sandcastles. This meant there wasn't much space on the sand, but Malcolm found a place. He put his beach towel down and lay down on it to try to get a suntan.

While he was lying on the beach, he heard a strange sound. He got up and looked towards the sea. A young girl was lying on an airbed and screaming. The wind was slowly blowing her far away from the shore. Malcolm was a good swimmer and ran to the sea. He swam out to the girl and pushed the airbed back to the beach. The girl's mother and father thanked Malcolm but when he got back to his towel, he found his jacket was not there. His jacket had all his money and his ticket home in it.

Just then he heard the sound of a loud argument. Three people were holding a young man down on the ground. The man was holding Malcolm's jacket. While Malcolm was rescuing the girl, the young man picked up his jacket and walked off with it. However, these three people saw him easily because he was walking away from the water while most other people were running towards it. Malcolm thanked the three people and one of them phoned the police.