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11-02-2014 14:26

This is an old children's story about a young man who went off to seek his fortune. 'Seek his fortune' means 'become rich'.

He was walking through the countryside when he met a wolf. He saw that the wolf was lying on the ground looking unhappy. It was thin and tired. "Hello wolf", he said. "Hello young man", said the wolf "What's the matter?" asked the young man. "I'm so very hungry. I don't know what to do" replied the wolf. "Never mind" said the young man. "When I find my fortune I'll come back and help you. Goodbye."

So he left the wolf and continued walking. As he was passing a large tree he heard it speak. "Hello young man. What are you doing?" said the tree. "Hello tree" said the young man, "I'm looking for a way to become rich. You sound unhappy. What's the matter?" The tree wasn't feeling well. It was trying to grow and trying to push its roots into the ground but there was something blocking it. "Can you help me?" said the tree. "I can't" said the young man, "but when I find the secret of being rich, I'll come back and help you. Goodbye."

Then he continued on his way. He was passing through a small village when he saw a young lady. She was carrying a bucket of milk to her house. "Hello young man." she said. "What are you doing?". "I'm trying to find the secret of being rich", he said. "How are you?". "I'm feeling very unhappy" replied the young lady "I don't know why. Can you help me?". The young man answered "I can't, but when I find the secret of being rich, I'll come back and help you. Goodbye."

And so the young man continued. He walked and walked and walked. As the sun was going down he found a wizard's house. He knocked on the door and the wizard opened it. "Please come in", said the wizard. The young man came in and told him about his problem, and the problems of the wolf, the tree and the young lady. When he finished the wizard said "I know the answers to all your problems. Here they are."

So the young man left and went back. First he met the young lady. He said: "The wizard says you must marry a good-looking young man". "Well," she said "You are good-looking. Can I marry you?". "No", he said. "I must continue looking for my fortune. That is what the wizard said". He left her and found the tree. "Your problem is that there is a big box of gold blocking your roots." said the young man. "Please dig it out so I can grow properly" said the tree. "I can't", said the young man. "The wizard says I will find my fortune if I look", so he left the tree. Finally he found the wolf. "The answer to your problem is this: You must eat the first fool that comes here." So the wolf did.